Forbes Dean Associates Chartered Surveyors
Forbes Dean Associates Chartered Surveyors


Since 1967 (houses) and 1993 (flats) qualifying leaseholders have the opportunity to extend their leases, or alternatively, purchase the freehold interest in their block. Full details of the processes can be found by visiting the Lease website at Lease is an independent body providing advice to both freeholders and leaseholders and Jon Dean is listed as a surveyor specialising in such matters.
Forbes Dean Associates receive over a hundred instructions a year to advise either freeholders or leaseholders. The first step is to inspect the property and see the lease (or leases), following which a detailed report is prepared, giving the correct calculation but also a range within which the outcome must fall. Following this informal discussions sometimes ensue, but more often formal Notices are exchanged, following which negotiations occur regarding the appropriate lease extension/freehold purchase price. Most cases are agreed amicably but less than 5% end up at the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal where Jon Dean can be both an expert witness and an advocate.
Whilst the parameters of the valuation are now firmly established case law is always changing, which means up to date knowledge of both values and the law is critical.